Puppet Show Themes

The Birthday Bandit

Yay, it’s (fill in child’s name here) birthday! However, a plot to steal the birthday child’s cake is underway. As Kyle the Coyote tries again and again to sneak into the party, the various animals and kids in the audience help foil his plan. However if he stops trying to get the cake all for himself, the others will share with him. The wolf learns a valuable lesson.

“Who Ate My Cookies??”

After a long day at school, Ted E. Bear looks forward to his cookie snack. There’s his cookie plate. There’s his cookie crumbs... but where are his cookies? Could it have been the mysterious Cookie Cruncher once again?

Now Ted E. Bear needs help from the kids in the audience to solve the mystery, stop this elusive culprit and have his after-school snack.

The Wrong Way Home

Tiny the Elephant has packed his trunk and said so long to the circus. On his way home to Africa, Tiny takes a wrong turn and ends up in foreign lands. Now, Tiny needs help from the locals and the kids in the audience to get home safely!

Art, The Art Hunter

Somebody’s been stealing famous works
of art from the Giggleheim Museum and
replacing them with cheap imitations!
Could it be the work of the evil Copy Cat?
It’s up to Art, the art hunter, and the kids
in the audience to save the day and
teach Copy Cat about creativity!

Ahoy Matey

Petey the Parrot has just discovered that his late-great uncle has left him a great treasure that he must find before the mean Captain Funny-Face. If he finds this it will mean riches beyond his wildest dreams. However, the greedy Captain learns of Petey’s treasure and races off to find the treasure first. Will Petey find many adventures on his way to the treasure? Will Captain Pirate fall victim to many slapstick obstacles? Will this show meet and exceed your expectations.
The answers are: YES.

He Be Buggin’

Andy the ant is lost. He asks for help
from various animals but they are too
busy for Andy. Andy helps them with
their needs and they, with the help
from the kids in the audience, band
together and get Andy safely home. 

“Who Framed The Big Bad Wolf?”

What a mess! Someone just blew down the three little pigs house again. Who could’ve dunnit? All fingers point to the big bad wolf but he claims he’s innocent. It’s going to take Inspector Snoop and the help from the kids in the audience to solve this case!

“Let The Games Begin!”

Teddy wants to join the Animal Olympics. He seeks guidance from other animal athletes and trains hard. However the jealous B.B. Wolf tries to find out what Andy is going to compete in so he can find a way to cheat and win. Who will win the Animal Olympics? Teddy has a great chance as long as he
has help from the kids in the audience.

“Wanna Be My Friend?

Ted E. Bear has moved into a new
neighborhood and wants to make friends.
However, he struggles with fitting in. Some
animals have a hard time accepting the
new bear on the block. Maybe with help
from the kids in the audience Ted E. Bear
can win them over.

Super Bear and his Justice League
of Furry Friends

Super Bear dreams of being a superhero.  His quest to
find his unique super power takes him on a journey to
learn from his super furry friends.  Will Super Bear
realize that he must look within to discover his power?

“What Planet Are You From?”

Bob the alien was sent to Earth to research our planet. With the help from the earthlings in the audience, Bob learns his alphabet, the difference between people and animals, and if you park your spaceship in a no parking zone you will get a ticket.

Halloween: Monster Mash

Davy Dog has won the big Halloween treasure
this year! But before he can claim his grand prize
he must go on a treasure hunt to find it. With the
help from the kids in the audience, Davy has to
figure out clues from Itchy Witchy, Frank N. Stein
and Monster Mike. Will Davy Dog get his Halloween
treasure? Not if Vinny the Vampire has anything
to say about it! Who will win the Halloween
treasure? Book now and find out...

The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

The show kicks off with kids in the audience helping Snowflake Teddy recite “T’was The Night Before Christmas”. After a visit from Santa, Dobby the dinosaur tries to take Santa’s job so the kids will like him. It is up to Snowflake Teddy and Chilly the Snowman to stop him by teaching Dobby that he needs to learn about caring, sharing and not taking things that don’t belong to him in order for the kids to like him.


It is nearing the holiday season and Jingles the dog has found the perfect present for his dad. He works odd jobs to save up, but gives up his earnings to help a friend in need. When Jingles tells his dad he doesn’t have the money to buy him a present, his dad lets him know that he just gave him the best present of all – knowing that he raised his son right.


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